My Place

The aspen trees are blooming and dancing in the wind. Autumn has arrived in these beautiful mountains of Idaho. My feet carefully navigate a trail filled with potholes, the mark of the slow elk that have become native to these lands.

I continue along the trail and see it napping there in the sunshine. It is ever alert, yet I creep closer. The glistening antlers sway as the moose finds a warmer rest. I keep the wind at my face and place myself among the shrubs.

My disguise is a dream. Two eyes locate the oddity, but ignore it; they are not afraid. I stand tall and try to find my place. The movement of the moose makes me leery; willow brush is thrashed and the soggy ground feels the pawing of a mighty creature. I retreat at the warning and instantly I find my place. I am neither shrub nor conqueror; I am just there. - Justin


natalie skaggs:

ilike it.